Zenit 12xp Exposure and Shutter Speed

Setting exposure with exposure meter on Zenit 12xp. Semi-automatic exposure meter device measures the light passing through the lens of the camera (System TTL on our Zenit 12xp). As a result, you can, and manages the shutter speed or aperture, with high precision to set the exposure depending on the brightness of the subject and the speed used photographic material. This advantage is fully maintained and in working with interchangeable lenses, filters, supplementary lenses and extension tubes.

Looking through the viewfinder eyepiece so that the well could see his whole of the frame, press the shutter release button 4 till a definite stop, but not before the shutter if it is cocked, and hold in this position.

The right side of the viewfinder can be seen glowing diodes. If the top LED lights – the excess exposure, if the light is lower diode – the lack of exposure. Rotate the diaphragm setting ring 33 and the shutter speed dial 15, woo the moment when both diodes are flashing. This corresponds to the most accurate combination of shutter speed and aperture for correct exposure.

However, if the simultaneous flashing of the two diodes is not reached and the switching speed and aperture between adjacent values will switch the glow of one diode to another, you can stay at one of these values. In this case, exposure is almost, with the permissible degree of accuracy is correct and you can use Zenit 12xp for photographing.

Turn the Zenit 12xp’s shutter speed dial 15 so that the selected value of exposure against the index, which is located on the upper shield apparatus. In this case, you will feel the fixation of the disc. The numbers on the scale extracts indicate shutter speeds in corresponding fractions of seconds, “B” – an excerpt from his hands.

Shutter Speed??1 / 30 denotes the sign “30-X”. “X” indicates that this excerpt set when shooting with electronic flash. Shutter speed possible before and after the shutter. When shooting at “B” shutter remains open until you press the shutter button 4 is pressed down. Obtaining a long exposure lock button pressed by turning counterclockwise until it stops (position “T”).

Upon the expiration of the required exposure time on your Zenit 12xp, turn the shutter button 4 back to the middle position, and release it. When the shutter closes. For excerpts from the hand advisable to use a cable release which is screwed into the release button thread. In so doing should be mounted on a tripod.

Source by Serghiy Solovey