You Can Afford A New Lens For Your DSLR Camera

You've bought your Canon Digital Rebel XT, or your Nikon D80 and it's come with a nice kit lens.

But after a while you are finding that your Digital Rebel XT's EF-S 18-55mm f / 3.5-5.6 lens just is not covering the wide angle, the telephoto or maybe the low light shots. And the 18-70mm f / 3.5-4.5G IF-ED lens that came with your Nikon D80 is having the same issues.

Well spending the best part of $ 600 dollars for your Canon Digital Rebel and maybe a bit more for the Nikon D80 does not leave you a lot for new lenses, and if it did that would go for ??

What you need is a way to buy good quality, relatively inexpensive lenses that'll give you chance to develop your style while holding on to their value. And you want to be able to offload them if you decide to change, or the lens is not suiting your style.

Something that's almost perfect for this is the used 35mm SLR lens market.

Every lens Nikon have produced since 1977 will fit and produce results, often truly stunning results at that, on all Nikon SLR cameras right up to the D80 sitting in your camera bag and on the D300 in the store that you dearly want!

And even thought Canon has changed things a little over time there is still a huge back catalog of lenses available that will fit your Digital Rebel XT.

Aside from Nikon and Canon's own excellent range of lenses an equally high quality but necessarily less expensive group are those from the third party manufacturers.

Tokina, Sigma, Tamron to name but three have produced superb ranges of lenses over the years that still have many years of service in them.

So, back to this cheap way to experiment with camera lenses.

As both Canon and Nikon have a huge back catalog of heads and third party manufacturers lenses from the 35mm Film SLR days that STILL FIT the DSLR cameras of today you have a massive selection of second hand lenses to choose from.

Take a look on eBay, Craigslist or in your local classifieds and ignore the modern Digital SLR listings. Take no notice of the new range of 'specially manufactured for Digital SLR cameras' lenses that Nikon, Canon and the other manufacturers produce and go to the older film SLR sections.

Camera lenses, especially those that are a step up from the entry level ones, are built to last. If the previous owner has shown the lens even a little respect then there is years left in it for you.

And with it you will get yourself a bargain.

The price will be less, sometimes much less, than the equivalent model around today. The quality will be very good too. Many of the older lenses were built with a care and attention to detail that is no longer available in the high pressure make 'em, stack' em and pack 'em world we live in now. You will get a real cast iron solid piece of glass.

And as they have lost the money that they are going to loose; The value has stabilized something, so you will not loose out that much when you come to sell – if you come to sell!

So before you loose interest in your new toy because the Digital Rebels kit lens just is not cutting it, or your Nikon D80's kit lens does not give you a better picture than your old point and shoot take a look round the second hand stores , The auction sites or the classifieds and see if you can pick up a piece of glass!

Source by Charlie Chalk