Women in Photography

The female form has been represented in works of art for centuries. Trends in fashion have been traced through many ages of these representations, and some of the first popular methods of capturing women on film were fashion photography, "glamour" photography and wedding photography. Today these are still some of the most common ways that images of women are captured in photographs. The composition of these types of photography are recognizable to many, photographers or not, and the methods to achieve these images remain somewhat the same.

The first fashion photography began around 1913, and from that point on the female form, dressed in the mode of the day, became a common sight in commercial art and in the media. Fashion photography to this day focuses on women in exotic locations, dressed in the most popular fashions and accessories. There are no set styles or methods to fashion photography, and there have been several artists who built their reputations and careers around this particularly creative variety of photography. There is however a requirement for knowledgeable use of color and lighting and excellent composition.

Glamour photographs were first seen in the World War II era "pin up" girls and in the gorgeous photographs of Hollywood stars. Today many individuals arrange to have a photograph, or a series of photographs, taken of them in this classic and elegant style.

Currently the trend calls for black and white imagery, with soft lighting and filters applied to give the photographs a tone and feel similar to those of the original era of glamour photography. The images today are taken for professional as well as personal reasons, and a good glamour photograph will always present a woman in an elegant and dignified light. There should never be a crudely sexual tone or image in a glamour photograph, as this style of photography calls for suggestion and allure, not blatant or graphic depictions of the female form. There is a large commercial popularity around variations of classic glamour imagery employing new styles with names like "rockabilly" and "pin up" appearing in art and fashion, as well as in personal and professional photography.

Finally, wedding photography is the ultimate in capturing women at their most romantic and fancifully dressed moments. Wedding photography is a critical component to most formal wedding ceremonies and receptions. Wedding photographers can be well-equipped individuals or whole crews of lighting, sound and film professionals.

The key to capturing good images of a woman on her wedding day is for a photographer to create a trusting relationship with the subject and to review the list of images the bride would like to see. A good wedding photographer will be unobtrusive throughout the entire day, but bold enough to capture all of the critical moments in a flattering and romantic light.

Women in art and photography can be wonderful, romantic images as well as the unique and artful expressions of a professional or amateur photographer.

Source by Amy Renfrey