What Makes a Good Teenage Model Portfolio?

If your teen boy or girl wants to be a model and they have the ability to do so, then you or your teenager will need to put together a model portfolio in order to market themselves and their talents and abilities in front of the camera or on the runway.

You may think that in order to build a portfolio all you will need is a photographer. That, however, would be incorrect. In these cases, not just any person with a digital camera will do, you will need a professional to handle this task.

Finding a professional photographer can be done by looking in a phone book or preferably by checking online. However, if you should decide to search out a model portfolio photographer, finding the right person for this job is vital to having any future success.

When it comes to photographs that will inevitably fill a portfolio, you will need to understand that the bigger the images, the better. In most cases, a standard portfolio will contain anywhere from 8 to up 25 different photographs measuring 9×12. Photographs of this size are the largest photos you will need and this particular size is preferable.

However, it is worth noting that these size pictures will also be the most expensive. If you are on a budget, you can reduce the size of your photos to 8×10. While not the preferable size, these size pictures are acceptable.

Besides, if your pictures are great, it would be unlikely that the talent agent would turn you away because the pictures are a few inches too small. This is emphasized because a portfolio of 6 to 8 excellent photos is better than 25 mediocre images. Place only your best in your book.

Another thing to consider is the type of photographs that make up your teen modeling portfolio. You will want a good variety of photos. It is also wise to include at least one headshot picture with little to no makeup worn, taken outdoors in natural light. You will also need one full body photo with tight fitting clothing to show off your figure.

There are a few of the top list agencies like IMG, Ford and Elite that require a picture or two where the subject is photographed unadorned by all the lighting and makeup so that they can have a clearer picture as to what they are getting.

Having superior quality in your portfolio is important to any young persons modeling career, and while this may seem like the most important thing, it is not.

The most important thing is to have the right support. If it is your teen son or daughter who wants to be a model, you as a parent should be with them every step of the way. They need your protection and they need someone looking out for their interests.

If you are the teenager, make sure your parents are by your side. The guidance and protection you can receive from them can make your career as a teenage model a fun and exciting time rather than the real life nightmare it can become being out there all alone.

If you are set up to go to a photo shoot, never go by yourself. Even if your parents can not come, take a friend along. Be safe and stay happy.

Source by Bob Pardue