What If It Rains on Your Wedding Day?

Rain does not have to ruin your wedding day, in many ways it can may the day more fun.

We have an expectation that the weather will be fine on our wedding day specifically if our wedding day is in mid summer. In many cultures rain on your wedding day is in fact a lucky omen. The Italians have a saying "Sposa bagnata, sposa fortunata" which means that a wet bride is a lucky bride. Although most brides and grooms would prefer to stay dry rain is also a good luck in Germany, Sweden and France as rain is associated with a bountiful harvest, and then, fertility. In fact the rainier your wedding is the more children you will produce!

Not all cultures consider rain to be a good omen. The saying "Happy is the bride whom the sun shines on" can be guaranteed in parts of Spain if the bride's mother's chickens can lay a dozen freshly cooked eggs and delivered by the bride to the nuns of the convent of St. Louis. Clare. Another way to guarantee good weather if you're catholic is to hang a rosary outdoors on the morning of the wedding. Feeding your cat in the morning will also make the rain go away.

From a photographers point of view rain can really add to the fun, you'll get some great shots of the guests scurrying around under umbrellas, and you and your new husband can add to the intimidation of the photography by cuddling up together under an umbrella . When you're getting the wet weather plan in place try and order colorful umbrellas as it will really lift the photographs. The wedding party under a row of red blue or green umbrellas looks much more fun than they will under a row black umbrellas.

Before the ceremony it's a good idea to think of an alternative choice of footwear to avoid squelching up the aisle in soaking wet Jimmy Choos. If your dress gets a little dirty a bit of judicious Photoshop work will clean it up for the photographs.

So if you're getting married in France and the weatherman says it will rain do not worry, they have a saying "Mariage pluvieux, marriage heureux" which means that you will have a happy marriage as a result of a wet wedding. Although I do not fancy getting wet at a wedding I do know that I'll get some fantastic photographs if it is.

Source by Mark John Anderson