Weddings – The Sequential Order of How Your Wedding Photography Should Take Place


Here is a good way to work the wedding sequence as I see it.

1. First I come out an hour before your wedding starts and shoot photos of the bride getting ready with her mom, friends etc. These photos are mainly candid, but I will make it look like art in a natural and "real" way.

2. Then I will go over to the guys side of the venue and shoot all their formal and candid photos so as to have all the guys photos finished before the wedding even starts which saves time later.

3. Then I cover the ceremony from all angles. Once the ceremony ends, after the bride and groom do their walk back down the isle I would ask the bride and groom to then come back to the alter where you will meet your family and anyone that you would like in your formal photos.

[I would ask you to tell your "main players", meaning the first two rows of seating in the front of the venue or church or who ever you want in your family photos to simply stay seated when they clear out the church or venue area where the ceremony took place, this way we can just have the bride and groom come back to the alter and we can then start the traditional family photos without having to track down the family] Then once your families come over to the alter … I can say …. "the brides side of the family come up for photos" … then have them stand aside … and I will say … "the grooms side come up" …. then I will do some shots of both families as one big family [If you want me to only] ….. then any individual photos you want I will then ask you to simply point out the other people you would like to have in each photo . Or you can tell me their names and I will yell them out … or you can designate someone in your bridal party that knows everyone to grab people and gather them up in case they wonder off so this all goes smoothly … [if there is more then one family unit for either side, please let me know about step moms, dads … etc. and we can call them up by last names and do different family groupings too.]

Then once the family photos are done we will release the family to go to the reception area.

4. Then we will shoot the brides maids and groomsmen together and you can suggest whatever you want to do as well; being fun shots or formal only. Since we already shot all the groomsman's group photos before the wedding we can then release all the groomsman to the reception after these few photos of all the bridesmaids and groomsman together.

5. I will then shoot all the girls together and once we finish with that we will then release the girls to the reception too.

6. At that point it will be time for just the bride and groom to do their photos alone and once we finish creating some beautiful artistic images. THEN WE PARTY!

For the rest of the time I will float around your reception and capture all the other events without you having to ever worry about anything as I always capture it all. Of course you can ask me any time for a special photo of anyone you like. Please let me know if you have any changes to this sequence as i am here to create this entire process as custom to your needs as I can. Thank you!

Source by Dominick Mauro