Wedding Color Schemes – Narrowing Down Your Choices

In making the preparations for a wedding, every aspect of the wedding, from the flowers to the ribbons revolves under a central theme. Normally, the most prominent of all the elements of the wedding theme is the specific wedding color scheme.

What are the things that need to be considered in choosing the perfect color for your wedding? Here are the different aspects of the wedding that will help you decide on which color suits the wedding best.

Of course, the first thing that needs to be considered in choosing a wedding color scheme is the couple's personality. Just like in any other element of the wedding, it should be the couple's decision because it will be their special day. Sure, many brides would go for pink but some men are not comfortable with the color because it is too feminine. That is why the couple should sit down with each other and with their wedding coordinator to discuss their preferred colors.

The next thing that is usually considered in choosing the color scheme for the wedding would be the location. For example, a garden wedding usually needs wedding colors that will complement earthy tones, such as moss green or light brown. While it may be true that purple will still blend perfectly with a garden setting, you may decide that it is more suitable for an indoor portion of your wedding.

The time of the wedding is also another consideration in choosing the colors. For weddings held during the mornings, lighter tones such as baby pink, lavender and sky blue are very popular. However, for evening weddings, darker hues such as old rose and navy blue are more appropriate. This is actually true not just in weddings but also in most formal events. There are certain colors, however, that will look perfect either day or night, such as the color gold.

If you have been dreaming of a specific flower to use in your wedding ever since, it would be ideal to take this into consideration as well. Remember that some flowers only come in specific colors, although there are also modern methods of transforming a white bloom into any color. However, it would still be ideal to use only the freshest and most natural flowers during your wedding.

As soon as you have chosen your preferred wedding color, it would be best to make sure that every tiny detail in your wedding will be able to follow your theme. Make sure that the wedding entourage has dresses of that particular colors and the caterer has cloth for tables and chairs that match it, too.

Making all the necessary preparations for a wedding is one of the most tedious jobs a woman will ever do in her life. Because of the wide variety of products available nowdays, settling on a decision may seem to be near impossible. However, being able to first decider on your preferred color scheme will dramatically narrow down your choices. Make sure that you finalize your color scheme even before any other preparation so it would be easier for you to incorporate all the other details of the wedding.

Source by Kate Mendelsen