Using Space in Photography Tips

No I am not talking about the dark black area above us that we see at night. I am talking about the space of the photograph within the borders of the photo. You see there are various areas that you can use the space in your photograph. If you know how to use the space in your photo right you can take much better shots. If you do not use the space right you can end up with photos that just seem off and are not visually pleasant.

First off, there are two different types of space when it comes to photography.

Negative Space

This type of space is the space that is in relation to the object of importance of the image but not the object itself. The negative space is the are on the photo that does not include the object or focal point of interest. For example, the negative space of a picture of a soccer ball with a white background is the white background.

Positive Space

I am really sure that you can guess what positive space is now that you know negative space. Yes, it is the space that enterprises of the object or focal point of interest in the photograph. This area is where you are going to want your viewer to pay the most attention to.

Many photographers only pay attention to the positive space but in reality the negative space plays a major role in the photo as well. Knowing how to master the use of negative space can make the positive space that much more appealing. The amount of this negative area that you use can make your photo either look trapped and lacking in space or like its liberated and open.

The background of the subject can have a very large role in the picture. The background is the negative space and usually does one of two things in photography. It either is neutral and blank or it is filled with things that contribute to the object of importance.

The use of the space in your photograph is what can really make your photo work or feel as if it is missing something. Experiment with this and do not be afraid to try different things out.

Source by Al Sanez