TV streaming app Molotov now has 1 million users

French startup Molotov is trying to define the future of TV. It’s a promising start as there are now one million registered users on the platform — the service is only available in France.

On average, users spend 80 minutes per day on the platform. It is available on smartphones, tablets, computers and TVs. Users watch content on their smartphone 40 percent of the time, on their tablet or computer 40 percent of the time and TVs only represents 20 percent.

It’s interesting to see that people now tend to watch TV on other devices, neglecting the living room display. Molotov is available on iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, Linux, Apple TV, Android TV, LG and Samsung smart TVs.

While the service is only available in France and is certainly catching the attention of our French readers, it’s worth paying attention to Molotov in general. Molotov lets you watch live TV, go back in time to the beginning of a show, catch up on past episodes a few days after they first aired in a single, unified interface.

It combines live TV with catch-up services, a cloud DVR and a powerful search feature. You don’t have to download multiple apps as nearly everything is available in Molotov. And more importantly, you can start watching on a device and finish on another as everything stays in sync between your devices.

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