The Relation of Colors and Emotion in Photography

Color is often overlooked in photography. The colors in a photo can greatly affect the impact or the emotional value of the user. Have you ever come across a photograph with funky color combination with loud backgrounds? Have you ever noticed that if the colors are not complimentary they can give you an eye twisting headache?

Different colors invoke different emotional values ​​and each value depends in which
part of the world you are in. Some colors have a positive effect and some can convey
some negative emotions. Here are Colors and their perceived emotional value for
your reference.


Positive: Sense of power, strength, action, passion, sexuality

Negative: Anger, forcefulness, impulsiveness, impatience, intimidation,
violence and revenge


Positive: Caution, brightness, intelligence, joy, organization, Spring time

Negative: Criticism, laziness, or cynicism


Positive: Tranquility, love, acceptance, patience, understanding, cooperation,
comfort, loyalty and security

Negative: Fear, coldness, passivity and depression


Positive: Steadfastness, courage, confidence, friendship, and cheerfulness,
warmth, excitation and energy

Negative: Ignorance, inferiority, sluggishness and superiority


Positive: Royalty, sophistication, religion

Negative: Bruised or foreboding


Positive: Money, health, food, nature, hope, growth, freshness, soothing, sharing,
and responsiveness

Negative: Envy, greed, constriction, guilt, jealousy and disorder


Positive: Dramatic, classy, ​​committed, serious

Negative: Evil, death, ignorance, coldness


Positive: Pure, fresh, easy, cleanliness or goodness

Negative: Blind, winter, cold, distant

A Photo should tell us a story and they should communicate what the photographer
desires to tell us. Logic and emotion play a big role in our understanding of a
photograph but ever emotion will win over the logic. Most of the time, we are
purposefully trying to invoke a specific emotional response that will increase the
enjoyment of our photos. So if given a chance … pick your colors carefully.

Source by Anton Sheker