The 'Perfect' Photograph

Some photographs are right. Perfect even. You do not have to think about if they are, you just know straight away. I use the word 'Perfect' loosely however, for perfection is only in the mind of the viewer and naturally differs from person to person. There are however some photographs that appeal to a mass audience on a variety of levels. They are rare however, hidden amongst a sea of ​​mediocre photography that is suffocating quality and professionalismism. The Internet is swamped with images from all over the world on every subject you could possibly think of. It is this mass production of images that has ironically made it harder to find the 'right' image.

Going back to that perfect photo, the Holy Grail for photographers is in taking that image that has the perfect balance of color, lighting, subject appeal, texture, composition, creative flair and that touch of class. These are all elements that separate a good photograph from a great one. How often though do we settle for a 'good' photograph, rather than going that extra mile to reach perfection?

In this digital age, is our job done as soon as the shutter comes down? Some would appeal this is only the beginning as image manipulation takes a new lease of life on computers. Colors can be edited with ease; elements can be blended out or even replaced with an element that was never there. How far do we take it though? When does an original cross to an identical different creation? If you capture the right image at the right time however, none if this needs to even come into consideration, for it should be finished as the shutter comes down. I have never been one for manipulating photographs; admittedly I do correct the color on the image, but in counter-balance to the digital cameras short falls of accurate color recording.

What qualities should a 'Perfect' photograph posses? A perfect photograph should jump out of the screen at you. It should make feelings deep inside you come alive. It should raise your heartbeat, arouse personal thoughts and emotions, it should make you feel happy. It should come alive and set senses racing. It should ask questions that lead to satisfying answers.

The Perfect photograph is hard to achieve but the rewards are worth the effort. Readydress everything that you do as a photographer, how you take a shot, how you think, your equipment, your subject. Analyze all these areas and continuously look for improvements. It may be that you take over two hundred images in a days shooting, it could be that only one is right, but that one makes all the difference.

Photography is an art to be worked at, to be continuously challenged for new and unimagined ideas and executions and to continuously strive for the highest quality in the continued search for your own 'Perfect' photograph.

Source by John Threlfall