The Olympus E-P1 Features Are Made To Fit Your Lifestyle

One nice thing about this brand new Olympus camera is that is both practical and functional. The camera was made to fit your lifestyle. The Olympus E-P1 is the smallest high megapixel model that you can change the lens on. It will have you feeling like a pro with all that it offers. This article will take a look at why this camera is so exciting.

Shadow Adjustment Technology eliminates concerns over excessive contrasts. This camera is one of the best at making sure the lighting is great in your pictures. You can also edit the pictures later.

You are given six built-in Art Filters, so you can be creative if you want to. This is all applicable to the process of creating still videos or video imaging. So the main features of the filters include Pop Art, Soft Focus Pale and Light Color, Light Tone, Grainy Film and Pin Hole. It's easy to see the effects on the LCD immediately by using the Live View or Review Images options.

The camera uses masks to frame what you want a picture to be so that you can get exactly what you want. The camera makes proper framing a breeze, whether you need it for conventional enlargements or for viewing on wide screen monitors. You will have more room to be creative if you use the function that supplements Art Filters.

The E-P1 is so versatile it does not matter if you want to use it for a video or to take a picture, your needs will be met. It is easy and enjoyable to shoot stills and take videos. The system has a built-in microphone, which means it can hear every nuance of your sound. WAV files can also be played back with your voice added into the mix to narrate the tale you want to tell.

Source by Douglas Taylor