The New York Micro-Meetup is Monday

In preparation for Disrupt New York in May I’m going to hold a few pitching workshops in New York for you all. We’ll listen to and critique ten pitches on March 13th at 7pm at the Knotel space at 22 West 38th Street, 4th Floor. This is an informal pitch-off but the two best teams will get two tickets to Disrupt New York and the undying admiration of millions of people (actually more like 80 people because the room isn’t huge.) PLEASE BYOB. There’s not much budget for these but they’re fun.

The folks pitching are BandHub, OLIKA, Nightcheers, Workshop, Flytechnista, TaxDrop, StyleKist, Reefill
RSVP here. I limited the number to 8 so we’ll have time to talk about the pitches. See you soon.

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