The History of Panorama (Wide-Angle) Images and Its Uses

Have you ever seen wider images that cover the entire landscape in one shot and wondered how it was possible? Well, then you have landed on the right page to learn about the same. Images that cover 180 to 360-degree of a landscape or an area are called Panorama Images. In the following article, you will read more about the Panorama Images and how they are made.

Back before Cameras were invented, there were painters who painted on a huge canvas and covered the whole of it with the view in front of them. Most often these paintings covered the wide-angle view of the things in front of him and the same logic was applied to the picture-taking process that started since cameras arrived.

From painting Panorama pictures in 20 AD to mastering the craft through the 1800s, people have learned to improvise and develop better images. In the 21st century, it has become much easier with the help of digital cameras meant for Panorama photography and more so. Some of the cameras even offer 3D features that can be applied while taking Panorama photographs.

Furthermore, let us discuss the use of Panorama photography and photographs. People have always admired good-looking places regardless of its importance to history. Landscapes like the Stonehenge, The Great Wall of China and many such have added so much to the panorama world, they provide the perfect setting for a panorama shot and photographers through time have taken numerous shots perfecting the same. The other uses of Panorama images are for wildlife and real estate business.

Starting with Wildlife, photographers from around the world have always used panorama shots to capture the beauty of the forest. There is no one side of the wilderness that can look better than the other and therefore there is no one picture that shows the best view of the forest. For ages, the wilderness has been one place where wide-angle images of this kind are shot abundantly.

Real Estate business is another area where panorama images are used in big numbers. Professional Photographers are hired to shoot the real estate property on the whole along with its surroundings. Once these images are captured, the photographers use computer software like Photoshop to edit and stitch a 360-degree view image of the property. This image is later uploaded onto the owner or realtor’s website. By doing so, they provide potential buyers with more information about the property and a chance to sell the property faster than usual.

Pro photographers have such tight schedules these days, they are unable to do the post processing work on images. This lead to the birth of Image Processing firms and services like Panorama Stitching. Computer software experts are trained in Photoshop for every particular image post processing technique and paid appropriately. This has slowly gained momentum and provided employment opportunities to many. Firms are frequently called upon by photographers around the world for services they require and these firms do the necessary post processing work for them in exchange for money.

The relationship between Pro photographers and these Image Editing firms has grown over the years. It has become a 2-way street where in because of these firms pro photographers get to work more and the employees at the firm make a living as well.

Source by Abdul Oits G