Sous Vide startup Anova gets acquired by appliance giant Electrolux

Sous vide Kickstarter darling Anova announced over the weekend that Swedish appliance giant Electrolux has agreed to purchase the cooking hardware startup for $250 million.

The Anova brand will remain intact under the deal, retaining its name and the leadership of co-founder and CEO Stephan Svajian, existing as a part of the larger Electrolux umbrella.

“With Electrolux, we’ll have the resources and reach to continue to change the way people cook,” Svajian writes in the post. “Electrolux is committed to helping Anova continue its mission of building the Anova Kitchen — a kitchen where devices are precise, dead-simple to use, affordable, and connected in a meaningful way to help people cook like pros every day.”

The company’s history dates back to 2013, launching a Kickstarter campaign the following year, and raising $1.8 million in the process.Anova has kept plenty busy since then. Last year it released a second generation of its cooker, this time with Bluetooth/WiFi functionality and this past CES the company announced plans to release a lower cost version.

The company will also be branching out beyond its sous vide roots, with a small oven set to launch this summer. We’ve reached out to Anova for further comment.

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