Sell ​​Stock Photos – How to Do This and Make a Profit

Sell ​​stock photos , – There is a saying that a picture paints a thousand words, how would it be if you could turn those words into dollars, your dollars?

Every newspaper, magazine, leaflet, or website contains photos. They can`t all have been taken by professional photographers surely? Of course they were not. The reality is that more and more of these photos are being bought from special sites, called stock photo sites.

These sites use photos uploaded by amateur photographers like you and me, and for each one purchased the owner gets a fee. You still own the copyright to the photo, and the same one could be sold over and over.

Upload hundreds of images, and you should soon be getting a regular second income, it's really easy, and free , the more you upload, the better your chances. All you need is a camera, 3mp or higher is best, a PC and web access.

Think about all the photos that you see every day in your travels. Somebody is making an income from each and every one, so why not you too?

So – how to sell stock photos? The basics are very simple, once you know how the system works. You organize all the photos you want to upload to the site or sites you select, register with the sites and off you go.

Many categories of images exist, you need to spend some time browsing the sites to see what they are looking for, then check your jpeg files and submit them for approval. Initially they may not all be accepted, but this is all part of your learning curve and once you hone in on what works and what does not, you'll know exactly which shots sell and which do not. Oh, and make sure you always carry your camera.

Source by Geoff Novis