Real Estate Marketing Ideas – 2 Creative and Free Lead Generation Tactics

Some real estate marketing ideas work, and some flat out stink. The truth is that most marketing never pays out. Mostly, because the lack of knowledge the person executing the idea’s has. Here are 2 of the most creative and free lead generation tactics you can use this month.

Marketing ideas for real estate agents are a dime a dozen. You’ve got the internet, postcards, phone prospecting, personal letters, FSBO stuff, 1800 voicemails yada yada…

The truth is they all work EVENTUALLY, if you do them enough.

But who wants to go through a marketing technique for months, before they finally see some type of return. Yes, marketing does take consistent work in order to see ROI.

Some techniques require more effort than others, while some will return profits to you quicker.

I’m guessing you want to know the techniques that will pay off the quickest, and cost little to nothing to execute… right?

Here are 2 creative and free real estate marketing ideas:

First, classified ad websites…

This would include websites like Craigslist, Backpage, and all the local websites that only deal with your local town.

These websites, are the new newspapers of the world. As newspapers keep losing popularity, the more websites like these gain in popularity.

What you do, is post ads and use homes for sale as bait.

Here is what I mean…

I think you would agree with me, that the majority of people who see a house online are not going to buy that particular house… But they do want to buy a house!

So get a listing, if you don’t have one, go to your fellow agents in your office and ask them if you can use some of their listings and promote them on websites.

Most agents that are big thinkers, will be excited that you asked. The ones that bicker, don’t argue with them… Just move on.

Next, post the listings on these websites. Make sure to put a good headline for each ad, one that will really grab attention. Add some sings, numbers, and capitals if you have to.

Next in your add, make sure you only put 1 picture of the house. With no more than 2 sentences describing it.

On the bottom of that put a picture that will make them click it. This can be a picture of a video frame, with a play button. Or a banner with a call to action…

You can put something like this on the banner:

“Don’t have 20% down? See how you can own a home like this, this year. With little-to-no money down… click here to read more.”

Then what you do is send them to a website where you give away a free report on that subject. In return, you ask them for their name, email and phone number.

Simple right?

The next method I’m going to teach you involves doing free online seminars for prospects you are trying to reach.

For example:

If you are going after the FSBO crowd, put together a slideshow on the top 10 ways to sell your home in the next 30 days.

Put up a website where you prospects can register and make the URL simple. Like… or

See how these invoke interest?

Then start calling FSBO’s and offering this free online workshop to them.

You can literally have 100 to 200 FSBO’s learning from you. Guess what they’ll do when you are done presenting? They’ll ask you to talk to you and set up an appointment.

As you can these real estate marketing ideas are creative and can be performed this month. To bring you in fresh buyers, listings and investors.

Source by Dwayne Phelps