Protect Your Photography Investment – Consider an Unplugged Wedding

In this tech-savvy world, sharing the minute details of everyday lives through social media has become the norm. The modern generation is obsessed with their phone cameras, mostly selfies that they love to share with everyone. It’s obvious that people are going to use their smartphones and cameras to take photos at a wedding too. However, the use of personal mobiles and cameras at weddings can be a distraction, taking the guests away from the moment and detracting from the importance of the day. Occasionally although not often a self-styled photographer will go so far as to take away from the skills of the professional wedding photographer by literally standing in front of them and hijacking the shot. Being present in the moment is becoming a lost pleasure. This seems to have been the catalyst for many couples in opting for an unplugged wedding.

What is an Unplugged Wedding?

A wedding where the bride and groom request the guests to switch off their electronic devices such as smartphones, cameras, camcorders, tablets, etc. and be fully present in the moment. A professional wedding photographer then has carte blanche of the ceremonial photos.

A few benefits of having an unplugged wedding are listed here.

• A wedding is a once in a lifetime event and any kind of distraction can detract form the importance of it. An unplugged wedding will have fewer distractions and the guests will be fully present in the moment and not busy taking pictures, chatting, or replying to social media posts.

• It will be difficult to control the distribution of your wedding photos when you have your guests taking photos of this personal moment and sharing it on social media. You do not always want the photos of your wedding posted on Facebook 2 minutes after the I do’s.

• Guests trying to take photos of the special moments such as the exchange of rings, vows and first kiss may end up spoiling the photo taken by the photographer. Although this doesn’t happen often, they can detrimentally affect the background and occasionally obliterate a photo with an ill-timed flash.

• Another point of note is the distracting sounds that multiple cameras can make, again this isn’t often a big problem but with that hard of hearing uncle with his phone volume turned up to CLAXON mode the Bizet of has the potential of overtaking the moment.

You can inform the guests about the unplugged wedding in advance by adding a polite note with your wedding invitation or with an announcement before the wedding ceremony. This way you are inviting them to be there with you on the most important day of your life and still making sure that you protect your photography investment.

Source by Ben Ayriss