Practice Makes a Commercial Photographer Perfect

Much as we all love to say it, practice makes a perfect person, and that is easier said than done. As a budding commercial photographer, you may be dreaming of making it big in the world of advertising photography. Those who have a mentor know this for sure – it is quite tough to survive the competition and at the same time excel in this profession.

A commercial photographer can excel or can expect to excel in this line only after several years of non stop practice and dedication. It takes a lot to be the star performer – patience, performance, learning, failing and a never-say-die spirit. Apart from these soft skills, you need to learn and know the tricks of the trade and the nuances of this art form.

Tricks and nuances essentially involve the art of film controls and light controls. There are different kinds of films available today. There are specialized films that are suitable for shooting advertisements. Therefore, the knowledge of films, the required ASA settings, and the matching of ASA settings with the number of the film for the right light sensitivity, is what youought to have.

Apart from the film controls, you also need to master the light controls. You have to know the proper light settings for any kind of photographic setting. If you are working with an SLR camera then such settings are taken care by the instrument. However, with other kinds of cameras, you have to determine the proper aperture ring, f-stop settings and the shutter speed.

These were the most basic knowledge that any kind of photographer – be it commercial photographer or any other – must have. Apart from that, a commercial photographer also should keep an eye open for all the latest trends and developments in photography. Having updated knowledge and being in tune with times is an absolute must in order to achieve excellence.

Source by Jack Whites