Plan Ahead To Make Your Wedding A Dream Wedding!

Everyone wishes to make their wedding day a memorable one, not just for themselves but for every person who is attending and participating in the said event. And it is no simple task to fulfill the wish completely while remaining within the budget you have.

Like all other successful events in the world, wedding also demands planning and organizing way before it happens. The more you plan, the better you will feel on your dream day. Let me guide you step by step on some of the most important things to consider before your wedding day.

Set Your Budget First

The first step you should take is the evaluation of your financial resources. How much can you afford to spend on your wedding? There is no need to panic if you are not able to draw huge amounts from your account. A perfect wedding doesn’t have to be an expensive wedding. With prior planning and staying realistic about every purchase, you can still arrange a wonderful wedding for you and your spouse. Don’t forget fix an amount for the honeymoon also!

Register Everything in Black and White

It is always recommended to create a wedding journal and make a priority list with the consent of your spouse. Keep a record of everything planned and every penny spent, in writing. Start your list with the ‘must have’ items. For your convenience, I am listing few essential parts of every wedding. However, you should update the list according to your own priorities and limitations.

  • Selection of the venue for the ceremony and the reception.
  • Bride and groom’s outfits and accessories.
  • Ordering a wedding cake.
  • Decision on the final menu and/or drinks.
  • Applying for a marriage license.
  • Purchase of rings.
  • Selection and purchase of presents for the attendants.

Stay Realistic

By staying realistic, I mean planning every detail according to your budget. A wide variety of options are available for the concerns listed above. For example, you can personally visit or search the internet for outfits available in the market. Choose one that is beautiful as well as permissible by your budget. Keep the guests list small, as a smaller list is better and more manageable. In case of vendors, go for smaller ones as they accommodate your needs at a negotiable and a possibly better price.

Seek Support from a Friend or Family Member

You can always take help and suggestions from a trusted family member or a friend and ask them to be your honorary coordinator. You can now assign the task of coordination with the vendors till last day to them. Supply all the checklists and phone numbers of all your vendors to them too.

Choose Your Wedding Day Well Before Time

The best idea is to choose any day other than Saturday since Saturday is the day chosen by the majority of couples, you can save up to 50% by planning your wedding on any weekday. Simply, the less demand equals less price rule follows here, and the formula works in the selection of the month also. November through April is supposed to be the best season for cost savers.


As soon as the wedding date is decided, the selection of the venue becomes your next big concern. Don’t worry! There are lots of beautiful public and private locations to choose from. Go to some unique place, as it will be memorable and charming for both you and the attendants. Once you pick a venue for the ceremony and reception to hold your dream wedding, you will feel that half of the job is done.

Menu Selection

My tip of the day for food is to cut down the amount of hors d’oeuvres people generally order. Just take care of everyone’s requirement at dinner. Children and teens are generally neglected. If possible purchase your own drinks as it saves you a lot.

Hiring a Photographer

Hiring a photography student from a local college or university is the latest trend to save costs, and I believe it’s a wonderful idea. But if you insist on hiring a professional photographer, choose the one that provides negatives.


Simple but elegant rings are forever. The most reasonable choice is the classic gold. One more thing you can do is to buy your rings as a set. Many rings are available as a set that includes the engagement ring and the bride’s and groom’s wedding bands.

Decorations, Flowers and other Accessories

Choose a location that is stunning in itself and just needs to be touched with decoration. A beach resort or a historical building will turn into an amazing wedding site with some simple floral arrangements. For church decoration, it’s wise to choose a day after some religious holidays since the church would already be decorated.

Wedding Cake and Music

Your wedding cake will be the dessert of the wedding. Add different flavors to the cake and offer your guests different choices. For music, it is always better to compile your own CD instead of calling a DJ or relying on the hall’s music system.

Source by Kelvin A Smith