Photography – Your Undiscovered Skill?

Ask yourself the question; Are you the next undiscovered photographer? Anyone can take a photograph of course, but it's that creative spark and seeing the unseen that makes a photographer stand out and be noticed.

Choose an area of ​​photography that holds the strongest fascination to you. For me it was nature photography, but this is one of many areas including still life, portraits and wedding photography to name a few. Once you've chosen an area, try experimenting, taking shots on impulse, varying the perspective, altering the lighting, basically – try the untried. As one of my favorite sayings puts it, 'Walk it un-walked path.'

Many people do not posses the belief within them that they have what it takes to be a good photographer. Challenge that perception! It can be changed through exercising your skills and gaining experience. In the now digital age there has never been a better or more exciting time to take up photography. There has also never been a better chance to experiment with images. With the ability to view your taken photographs within seconds, you have the opportunities to better your shots instantly. Once you have mastered the basic techniques, photography can be a wholly satisfying and rewarding hobby. And who's to say it will stop as a hobby? It could turn out to be your future profession!

My best advice would be, do not stick to any rules! Free your mind and photograph what you want and how you want, have fun and be adventurous!

Source by John Threlfall