Photography – What Makes a Photograph Great?

Photography helps us capture memories; it allows us to
unleash our creativity. Even the most mundane subject can
become beautiful from the right angle. If this is what
photography does for us, what makes the difference between
a pro and an amateur?

For the most part the difference can be summed up in one
word: composition. Composition is the way in which a shot
is made as well as the subject of the photograph.
Composition almost wholly determines the popularity and
influence of a photograph.

A great photograph is a work of art; it evokes an emotion
from the viewer. The way you portray a scene, the
composition, is the way a viewer will experience the scene.

To create a beautiful work of art in a photograph, it
helps to have a plan, some emotion, or impact that you want
the picture to have. This will affect the way you shoot the
scene as well as the way viewers will eventually experience
it. Share your emotions with your viewers through your

Professional photographers successfully draw on feelings
and memories that are common to everyone. Scenes
representing childhood, lost innocence, or connection with
nature grab the attention of viewers, reminding them of
their own experiences. Using unique scenes to pull on
common emotions allows a photographer to attract a wide
variety of people who respond powerfully to the photographs.

For a truly wonderful photograph, you must also consider
the way the parts interrelate with the whole that you are
trying to create. Proximity to the foreground often
determines what is considered the most important part of
the photograph.

In addition, the angle from which the photograph is taken
can greatly influence the viewer's understanding and
emotional reaction. A normal, everyday item shot from a new
angle can totally readjust a viewer's paradigm. Also,
combining different textures enhances the overall effect
and interest of a photograph.

True photography is not a point-and-shoot kind of thing.
Thought and care must be taken with each photograph, and
the viewer's perspective is often the most important

Photography is like poetry; both the subject and the form
determine the effect on viewers. As you search to take the
great photographs of your life, remember that your job is
to make viewers think, to help them see something from a
new perspective.

Source by Margaret Byrkit