Photography Tip – Let’s Do The Twist

I’d like to share my model slenderizing photography tip with you, so that you can use it to help slim your subjects and trim their waists. The better your subjects look, the more they will appreciate your photos.

I was recently on a photo shoot with a couple at the lake. During the meet and greet before the shoot, the female subject said to me, “make me look thin and I’ll buy a ton of photos”, I told her “not-to-worry, I’ve got a magic lens!” Why was I so confident? I’ve got some tricks up my sleeve. I work on commission, so my life depends upon making her look good. I knew exactly what I was going do.

My first photographic pose was a standing shot of the couple. I used a technique I call, The Twist! To make the models appear thinner in the standing full length photograph. Here’s how I did it:

I posed the subjects for a full length (head to toe) standing image, with the models standing together next to each other and facing me. Both models kept their feet together and parallel. The subjects turned their feet towards each other, not completely facing each other but definitely turned towards each other. They turned to the same degree so the couple was evenly balanced.

I had the models do The TWIST in which they rotate the upper body to the outside while keeping the lower body turned towards each other. In other words, they kept their feet planted and facing in towards each other. Then I had them twist at the waist and brought the subjects-chests around so they were pointing at me. Photography Tip: Men and women alike generally look better when the chest is facing the camera rather than a shoulder.

It was amazing at what The Twist did. It made the hips appear narrower and the tummy look tighter! It also brought attention to the chest so that the viewers eye is drawn away from the mid section. This technique also produced neat, tidy and balanced subjects.

I adjusted a few more subtle details from this basic position to change the look and feel of the pose. I had the models move their outside feet straight ahead, say two inches. Then I had the models turn the toe on the outside foot out slightly. and lastly I had the female subject place the outside foot on it’s toe and turn the heel in and then bend the knee in for a zesty twist.

A couple more more last minute adjustments like straightening posture, sucking in the belly, and some silly antics to spark genuine smiles up on the couple and I had the shots I was after. From each variation of the pose, I quickly shot several vertical full length and horizontal full length portraits.

I then zoomed in for some waist-up shots and even more for chest/head close-up portraits of the couple. Photography Tip: If you have a client that is self-conscious about their bodily appearance, shoot extra head shots.

Experiment with these photography tips and add your own variations of The Twist. Implementing these and other posing techniques can eliminate potential objections on the sales floor in the studio. Take control of the portrait from the start, It’s your job! Your clients will appreciate your attention to detail.

Source by Brandon Baumgarten