Photography – Taking Photographs for Pleasure and Profit

Have you ever wondered why photography has such an international appeal for all ages? Is it simply because we want to remember exactly what something was like? Were the summers really this good? Were the winters really this bad? What did my prospective partner look like when they were growing up or more so before the plastic surgery. The recollections of the past are often clouded and despite the fact that colors of photos tend to fade over the years the image itself is enough to bring the day or time vividly to memory.

Today with all the improvements in technology there are anti-shake devices to make sure that photography can still be enjoyed despite advancing years. Also digital cameras mean you do not have to complete a film of 24 or 36 exposures before you see the results. Historians are concerned that many photographs that could be of historical significance are not being printed and so in a hundred years time or so they will not be able to read the CD's they are on. Another issue may be that photos of an enemy's countryside are not available for the security services as they were at the start of World War II

Do not follow the crowd. I hate watching a crowd of Japanese tourists all taking the same photograph from the same angle. Stand ten or twenty yards away to the right or the left and get a different angle and light on the subject. It seems so obvious but to many it is not.

You may be reading this article and saying I can not afford to buy a digital camera. Keep your eyes open. You will find many bargains around online and once you have a camera you will be able to make money from it. Remember that almost any mistake with a digital camera can be put right, often with the free software that came with the camera.

Enjoy your photography as a hobby, but while you do, consider making some money out of it. Sell ​​your photos online. If you only have prints then do not worry as you can purchase a scanner (either as a printer / scanner / copier combination or on its own) to scan in photos. You can even purchase a scanner that will scan in slides or negatives. Old photographs have a market in the internet as well as those from today.

Source by Josh Spaulding