Photography – How to Use Aperture Priority Mode

Many people that take the plunge and buy a digital slr camera soon become disillusioned and disappointed by the fact that the images they are taking with their SLR camera are better than they may have taken with a compact camera but are far less impressive than expected. It is also common for people to feel like they are unable to make the move from using their cameras automatic settings to manual mode.

This article will explain why the above problem is common and will go on to explain how using aperture priority is likely to give your photographs a massive boost in quality. If you are looking to take your photography to the next level then this may well be the best article you have read in a long time.

All digital camera consist of two things: hardware and software. Obviously the hardware in a SLR camera is far superior to a compact camera enabling to take better pictures. When you are using the fully automatic modes on your SLR you are relying on the software inside to measure the light, composition and subject matter of your photograph and apply what it thinks are the best settings in order to get the best shot. Most of the time the camera will do a good job however it does get it wrong and obviously cannot tell by looking at the end result like a human can.

In order to take better picture you need to start over-riding what the camera wants to do. One of the easiest and most powerful ways to achieve this is to use your cameras aperture priority mode. Aperture refers to the size of the whole in the lens. More aperture means a bigger whole and more light can get into your camera. Why will having more light improve your pictures? Well it lets you blur the backgrounds of your photos making the main subject seem much sharper and it also lets you take sharper images in low light conditions such as indoors.

Source by James Wannop