Nine Tips For Applying Make-Up For Photography

There are many ways to apply make-up for photography. These tips are just the basics. With a little practice and experimentation, you should be able to create the correct look for the perfect photograph.

1. Use cover cream underneath the eyes to hide dark circles and cover any puffiness. A green tinted cover stick works well for this.

2. Apply a foundation close to the skin tone over the entire face, directly over cover cream. This will even out the skin tone and also cover any blemishes or marks. Using a small sponge, blend into the hair line and down to the neck area.

3. To apply blush, measure the starting point as a two-finger distance from the side of your nose, and brush across cheek bones all the way back to the ears blending into the hairline.

4. Use a slightly darker shade of contour powder to define the cheekbones more prominently.

5. Also brush some contour powder in a “V” shape under the chin to strengthen the jaw line and across the forehead to unify the facial tone.

6. Eyes are usually the most difficult part, and the way they are done depends on the individual. Start by lining the eyes with a dark pencil, both on the lower and upper lids. Apply shadow to the lids, normally using a lighter shade under the brow line. Extend the shadow out past the corner of the eye using an up-sweeping motion. Powdered shadow works best when blending several colors together.

7. Brush mascara on upper and lower lashes, using a comb to separate them if they clump together.

8. Outline lips with a lip pencil or brush. Thin lips can be shaped to look larger and thick lips made thinner. Fill in with appropriate lipstick color.

9. Dust entire face with a translucent powder to absorb moisture and eliminate shine.

Source by Vincent Di Leo