Nature Photography – Learn the Basics

Nature photography is not the easiest road for anyone and least of all one who is just starting out. So, being prepared for all eventualities and being well equipped are the two ways to ensure good nature photographs.

The subject matter of the picture is the most important thing about nature photography. If you do not have an interesting subject, whether it is an animal, flower or a landscape, you will have nothing. Train yourself to look for interesting subject matter for the pictures. Combining different textures, colors and light in artistic ways is ideal for this type of photography. Lighting conditions that are the best is warm, yellow morning light and even warmer and slightly reddish evening light. The rainy season is the best to bring out lovely colors.

Positioning the subject of the picture inside the frame can be done in a way that will suit it best. Many times this can be done with the rule of the thirds to make the photograph more dynamic. With landscape photography sometimes a feeling of depth is necessary. So, at times like this you can include an object which is closer while taking the distant subject that you want to capture.

Getting as close to the subject is the best way to snap nature at its best. For this you will have to use good telephoto equipment and have a lot of patience in order to secure those fleeting moments that will give you a fantastic photograph. Getting that perfect shot is part of the fun in nature photography. With nature photography it is the proximity to the wild life or other features of natural settings that is most impressive to us all.

Using a tripod is a must for good pictures for nature photographers. This is essential as the telephoto lenses are rather heavy and needs to be balanced while taking the shots. If you have to walk around then make sure the tripod is easy to carry.

Travelling is on way to get pictures. You have to go to the places where you are assured of getting good nature pictures. Even within your own country or the state you live in will have so many interesting places that can be photographed in a new angle. Take as many photographs as possible as it will teach you the finer points of learning nature photography.

Nature photographers are people who are in love with nature and they do this with dedication and commitment. But, they also have one other aspect to them. That is, they enjoy what they do immensely and thoroughly. It is their love of nature that they share with all of us. So, this is the ideal path for you if you are passionate about all things natural. Once you master the basics you will learn to enjoy nature photography as well as experiment and fine tune your techniques for getting that perfect picture.

Source by Adriana Bella