Making Money With Digital Photography

Do you have a digital camera and would like to be able to make money with digital photography? There are various ways that one can make some extra cash with a digital camera ranging from those that require very little extra equipment and only a good quality point and shoot up to those that will require lighting, and SLR camera and a studio.

For those with only a good point and shoot camera, one way of making money with digital photography is to offer to take photos for friends and neighbors that may need to list something on eBay or in a classified ad. Point out to them that ads with photos are more likely to attract buyers. Many people that may only need a photo here and there may not own a digital camera and would be willing to pay you a few dollars to take a photo for them to use.

Approach businesses such as small car lots or flea markets and ask if they may need photos of their items for lists. This will work better with smaller business as most large businesses probably have someone on staff that they have put in charge of taking photos for their listings.

Another way to making money with digital photography is to take photos of little league, cheerleader and dance teams. You will need to be able to also print the photos but you can cover the cost of the printing and make some profit by selling individual photos of the children to their parents. While an SLR is preferred for this, you may be able to get by with a high quality point and shoot as long as the group of children is small and you do not need a long range lens.

A way of making money with photography that will require and SLR and possible a long range lens is taking photos at sports events and offering the photos for sale to the participants. This can be done from children's baseball games up to adults at such events as rodeos.

Senior ports is still another idea to make some extra cash. This will require at least a high quality point and shoot, some basic lighting equipment and an maybe an indoor location, although many senior portraits are now venturing outdoors and capturing the graduating senior involved with their hobbies or events that they participated in during high school.

Making money with photography can also be achieved by selling stock photos online. There are various websites where photographer can upload images which are offered for sale on the site. the photographer receives a certain percentage of the profits. some sites are more stringent about the quality of the photos than others. Generally, you skill level and the quality of the camera must be good. This probably will not be an option for beginners.

And finally, you can make big buck from digital wedding photography, by helping couples to take snapshots on their wedding ceremony. In this lies easy money if only you had known all that it takes, please check out my post on digital wedding photography for this information.

Source by Nathan Lovejoy