Make Money With Your Camera The Smart Way

There are countless ways to make money with your camera, but one method stands head and shoulders above the rest. And it uses the same formula the wealthiest folks use to amass their fortunes.

The difference between really wealthy people and the rest is that wealthy folk create assets which continue to pay them an income long after they have finished working to create the asset.

That neatly avoids the limitation of selling your time for cash, which is what the vast majority do when they have a job. There are two fatal flaws with a job.

Fatal Flaw # 1: There are a finite number of hours available for working.

Fatal Flaw #2: When you stop working your income stops. And that applies just as much to the lawyer or doctor as it does to the guy who collects their trash.

So let’s see how Bill Gates — at one time, the world’s richest man — does it.

He has spent his working life creating assets, in the form of his Windows software. Not only has it made him extremely wealthy, it has now allowed him to retire from the business to concentrate on giving his billions to various good causes.

And — on a more modest scale — you can make money from your camera by modeling your business on the success of Bill Gates and other wealth creators, by making the right choice about how to market your photographs. So, just as Windows software is created once and sold again and again, you need to take a photograph just once, yet get paid again and again.

Fortunately, there is an almost insatiable demand for photographs on virtually any subject. This comes from people setting up web sites, creating blogs, writing ebooks or making videos. In addition, the off line world also wants photographs for printed material and other uses.

So all you need do is allow photo libraries (also called stock photo sites) to offer your photographs to this hungry crowd for a fee. And they do all the work of showing your photographs to prospective customers and collecting all their payments, from which you get a commission ranging from 20% – 80%.

So — apart from dropping the check into your bank every month — you have nothing more to do other than enjoy your passive income. That leaves you free to shoot more photos to create even more income streams.

And the money made by your camera — even from a single photograph — can be very attractive. Here are a few case studies:

Case Study #1.

One photograph of a group of people silhouetted against a sunset was bought 1135 times in its very first month of being published, netting its owner $885.30.

Case Study #2.

Even the most mundane subject can be turned into a money spinner. For example, a photograph of just grass, made its owner a cool $638.04 in its very first month.

Case Study #3.

Many photographs provide their owners with attractive and regular monthly incomes, such as a photo of a business meeting, which provides an average income of $479.41 a month or a photo of a family group paddling on the seashore, which makes, on average, $369.20 per month.

So imagine if you had 15 or 20 photographs bringing you a regular, automatic income every month, whilst you enjoy your new found wealth — and seek out more photo opportunities.

To maximize your camera money, you need to know the types of photographs that are not in demand, so you don’t waste precious time taking photos only to have them rejected. Instead, you need to know what photos are in greatest demand and what subjects each photo library specializes in.That way you can be sure of success when you decide to make money from your camera.

Source by Paul Hooper-Kelly