Macro Photography – Digital Photography Tips

Have you ever seen those extremely close photos of flowers where you can see every single detail up close? It’s called macro photography and can be very fun and interesting to take part in. It’s also a great way to get close photos and catch details missed from far away. You’ll know what I’m talking about if you’ve seen macro photos of insects that most people see as half a centimeter in size.

In macro photography, the cameras lens most have the ability to get really close to small areas and focus them. There are many different things you can take pictures of with macro type photographs. Also, unlike what many people believe, you do not need overly costly equipment in order to do it right.

Macro photography does require some different techniques than with regular photography. One of the important things to do is use a tripod when taking these photos. Be sure to get a good tripod as well because you want your camera to be a still as possible. A shutter release also works good with the purpose of the tripod in keeping the camera still. The shutter release cabale will reduce the movement you would make from pushing the shutter button. A self timer also could be used to replace this.

The aperture is what will affect the field of vision in your macro photos. A small aperture like f/16 can work fine. To achieve a very shallow depth you can use larger aperture settings.

The weather outside when taking macro photos is also very important. Since the exposure will be longer with macro photos you must be sure everything is still. Having wind is as bad as having a tripod that sways back and forth. A day without wind is best when taking photos. I know it can be difficult to find days like this. I live in California and the Santa Ana winds love the sunny days when I want to take photos.

Another important part of macro photography is to make sure the background is nice. Most macro photos will have very blurred background and thus people will simply think they don’t need to worry about them. What’s better, a bird with a blurred background of cluttered trees and branches or a bird with the blue sky in the background? Be sure to check the color of the background. If you’re taking a picture of a blue bird and the sky is blue in the background it’ll somewhat put less importance on the bird and make the photo less appealing. Try to make the subject stand out.

Source by Al Sanez