Learning Digital Photography

If you believed that learning digital photography would be hard or take years to master, I am here to tell you that however idea is true.

This editorial will show you some basic tips that should prove that learning digital photography techniques are quick and simple. Also, your photographs will get better from the very first click of the shutter.

This first tip positively proves why learning digital photography is so simple. It is used in art in general, not only for photography. Do not let its simpleness fool you, it is very powerful. This simple tip has refined my photographs the most.

This tip is known by the phrase "the rule of thirds". Most people and I am included, will take a photograph and the subject is in the center of the frame. To create a better photograph, move the subject off center.

Here is how it works, look through the view finder and with your mind, create a tic, tac toe grid that divides the screen into 9 equal squares. If the subject is centered on one of the four places where the lines intersect, the photograph should greatly and have stronger composition. I call these the power points. Believe it or not, it is that easy. And you thought that learning digital photography would be hard.

One more issue that I use to have, similar to putting the subject in the middle of the photograph, is the angle. This tip requires rotating the camera. Rotate the horizon to turn it from flat to angled .. If you want to make the photograph more interesting, you should tilt the camera and "boom" the picture has more character. What angle you ask? Try it at a lot of varied angles and see which one is best. Remember that every photo is unique.

When taking pictures using a tilted angle, it creates an off balance effect and shows something that they were not expecting. It takes the real world and distorts it slowly. It surprises the viewer.

The most important thing that I stress about learning digital photography is practice. Similar to learning to play an instrument, the way to get better is to practice.

These are a few simple tips to help make learning digital photography simple and fast.

Source by Russell Roberds