Landscape Photography – A Guide For Beginners

What does it take to create the perfect picture? A great photographer would probably say, “Recurrence, consistency, unity, disparity, balance, irregularity, imagery, stark truth and a good dose of passion.” These are the components of any perfect photograph and these are the same components needed for landscape photography.

Landscape Photography – A Surviving Passion

Landscape photography is not new. With so many beautiful things around you and with your camera on hand, it’s difficult for a photographer to resist taking a picture. Many photographers are attracted to this type of photography. This is not surprising. You can trace the oldest landscape photo to as early as 1800s. The 19th century witnessed the boom of this photography field. Many photographers came out with the biggest awe inspiring photographs that now grace countless museums all over the world. And with the advent of digital camera, more and more people are acquiring passion for photography and are falling in love with landscape photography.

Preparing for Landscape Photography

If you are new to photography, you’d probably consider landscape photography as fairly easy. People think that this type of photography does not have the same restrictions and limitations like other types of photography. Unlike a fashion photographer, you don’t need to waste your voice shouting instructions to your model. You don’t need to find angles. Well, this is how people regard landscape photography. Ironically, experienced photographers would strongly disagree because to get a good landscape picture, you need two things – a great set of cameras and a sharp photographer’s eyes. Without these two things, a scene would only look ordinary. However, with these things a plain view would look extraordinary.’

Before you start taking landscape photos, you need to take several things into consideration. You also need to equip yourself with the right equipment for landscape photography. Here are some of the things you need to get:

a. You need a camera and various lenses. Throw in lens shades as well to protect your camera and lens. Any camera is great for this type of photography; but to get the perfect picture, you should get digital SLR. When choosing lenses, picked wide-angle lenses because these capture more of the view.

b. Get yourself a supply of films and filters. Although everything is digital nowadays, it is a good idea to get yourself old fashion films. Nothing beats ISO films if you want to get clearer pictures.

c. Get a tripod. You may not think that this is necessary but it is. You’d be able to avoid blurry shots if you have a steady tripod.

Tips on How to Take Perfect Landscape Shots

If you want to get perfect landscape pictures, here are some tips to help you get those breathtaking shots:

o Be careful with your camera’s position. Make sure it’s leveled.

o Take note of the light. Make sure it’d flatter your subject.

o Opt for cable release and avoid your camera’s timer function.

o Use lens filters when taking pictures.

o Consider the background in relation to the landscape.

o Choose the perfect time and weather for landscape photography.

There are a lot of websites where you can learn more of landscape photography. You only need to look for them.

Source by Maria Theresa Garchitorena