Importance of Joining a Photography / Camera Club

The reason I chose this as a topic, was I always see people that are eager to learn photography but do not have the venue and to learn photography.

Here are some basic reasons, I would suggest you join a club.

1. Improve your photography.

Joining your club will certainly improve your photography. Seeing how others shoot
and studying their different shooting styles give you an insight to their
photography. You will be able to compare different styles and effects that
photographers do and choose the one that you are comfortable with.

The contest "themes" will give you a window to the photographers mind and how he
thinks the interpretation and execution will always be different because these are
expressions of their own creative styles.

2. Meet new friends that share the same passion.

When joining a club, you will meet new people that share the same passion of
photography and can keep this passion alive. It is hard to shoot by yourself and
share your work if no one is interested.In joining a club, you have an audience, a
friend and a teacher all rolled up into one.

3. Increase your confidence.

Showing of your photos and learning from each contest will give you the confidence
to be able to present your style and photographic work to others. As you build your
confidence you will also build up your own style and in turn build up your
photographic identity to others.

4. Explore the world together.

Sometimes you are given the opportunity to go travel as a group and explore
different places and share these places through your photography. At times you are
Invited to On-the-spot shooting competitions which are usually done out of town. These
are some of the things that put your creative juices to the test. Showing the world
through your eyes is always a reward in itself.

5. Humility.

In a club you will learn humility. Not everyone will like your style and the expensive
cameras are at par with any digital or film camera. The Photographers eye is what
counts. It is the theme execution that counts. You will always be judged and will not
always be on top. This is what drives you to perform better and want to outdo the

6. Learn for Free

The club is where you can go and learn for free by asking question on how the
photos were taken presented or how it was shot. you can learn from other members
that specialize in different fields like portraiture, wildlife, fashion, interior, wedding
or food. You can share tips and tricks that you have learned and understand how
others do their work.

7. Stock Photos

We have monthly meetings in our club and during those monthly meetings we have
our contest with different Theme each month. Thru the years you will be able to
compiles Photos from different topics and from different Places and ever have
your own mini "stock photo library".

Source by Anton Sheker