How To Take Good Pictures Of People – Digital Photography Tips

Learning how to take good pictures of people is not hard at all. If you follow some simple techniques your people pictures should start looking great in no time!

People photos are really good to know how to take. This is one type of photography you'll probably be taking plenty of photos of. Not only could these tips help with portrait shots but also simple shots when you're on vacation, traveling, or at an amusement park.


When people smile for a picture most of the time it looks very fake and contrived. If you're going for that then keep asking them to smile. However, if you want a more realistic photo then you really should try to get them to smile naturally. Tell a joke, bring a joke book along, do something to get them to laugh naturally.


If you've tried posing people for pictures I'm sure you've noticed how some people end up looking very stiff and fake. Posing models really can be hard when the model is stiff.

If you want to pose your model right and are confused how to do so, start looking at people as silhouettes. Notice the shape and lines. See how they look and then try to position the person so that these lines and shapes look nice.

Candid Photos

Some of the best people photos are done when they are not looking. Try taking good people pictures when they're running, on a ride, or talking to others and laughing naturally with one another.

Source by Al Sanez