How to Make Money Online With Photographs

Do you have a passion for photography and have loads of photos, stored in your PC? You have the option to transform your hobby into a source of income and make money online from home with photographs. You just have to upload the images on websites which allow showcasing photographs by amateur photographers. The buyers are allowed to select from the thousands of photographs, available on the sites and if someone downloads your photo you can make money online from home with photographs.

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1. To make online money at home with photographs, you need to sign up and create an account in the above mentioned websites. It does not have any fees or membership charge.

2. Before you start uploading images in the sites, you need to keep a few things in mind like submit photos which are completely yours and they must not contain copyrighted material such as copyrighted logos, photos, advertisements or art.

3. Usually, the websites fix the minimum image size that should be uploaded. In order to upload in, your photo must be 3MP in size or more, while requires minimum of 1600 x 1200 pixels for web use. To upload photos in, your images should be minimum1200 x 1600 pixels. The file types that these websites would want your photos to have are usually EPS, JPG, AI or PSD.

4. When you upload your images onto the website, they are typically reviewed by the team, to ensure that the images comply with their rules and regulations. Once, your files are approved, you will see them in your personal account.

5. When users download your photos, you make money at home online with photographs. The rates offered are different for each website. For, while will pay you a 30% commission, offers 25 to 50% revenue share to the photographer. Whereas, will give you a royalty payout, which can range from 20% to 63%. Payments are generally made through bank checks, PayPal, or MoneyBookers.


You have the flexibility to work according to your convenience and make money online from home with your photographs. You will enjoy working when your hobby becomes your profession.


There are a large number of photographs in the websites, which increases competition, and the chances of your photo getting downloaded become less. This can result in earning a lesser amount of money.

To ensure a steady income when you make money online at home with photographs, it is important that you do an online research to understand which type of photos are being downloaded the most and are more in demand. You can click similar pictures to ensure that you have more buyers for your photographs.

Source by Anna Barbara Tracy