How to Make a Fortune With Event Photography

Event photography is one of the most lucrative ways to make money with your digital camera. And in a troubled economy it is a safe and steady way to bring in income. Why? Because you can not put a price on memories and people will always want their events to be captured with perfect precision. No matter how low the stock market goes people are going to get married, they are going to graduate, and they are going to have birthday parties. These are all events that earn you some extra extra income.

Before you can start hauling in the extra cash with event photography, however, you will need to build up your portfolio. No one will want to hire you if you do not have any examples of your work. The best way to start building up that portfolio is to do a few events for free or get permission to tag along with a professional for some candid shots. Even though you will not be getting paid for this, you will be doing two things. First, you will be getting a priceless experience and see if you will like this job or not. And secondly, you will be creating images that people will judge your quality of work by. So the more experience you get, the better your images will be and the more you will be able to charge for your events.

To determine how much you should charge for your digital photography you will need to consider the cost of your equipment, the cost of your expertise, and how much time it will take to edit the photos if need be. You will not want to go broke getting the best camera gear and lenses, but as you begin to make money you can reinvest this money by upgrading your gear. If you have a few years of experience and not too much overhead cost in your equipment you can charge anywhere form $ 75 to $ 125 per hour. And the more you do this the more you will be able to charge.

Source by Philip Richards