How to Choose a Model for Your Photo Shoot Assignments – 7 Tips to Make the Right Choice

Female and male models are not short in supply. You can find all types and sizes. You might say that photographers are spoiled for choice. Right? On the contrary, choices are limited. As a photographer, how many models have come across your way and left a good impression on you? I do be surprised if your number is in double digits.

So the next question comes naturally. What qualities did these few models possess to make them stand out from the crowd? The answer lays in tiny details that most of the times are overlooked by average photographers. Today, I want to share with you seven vital aspects, in order to make the right choice when engaging a model.


I am sure you have been to a party. People are coming in and most of them pass unnoticed. Then a particular person enters and all heads are turning. It is not the dress or because the guy is good looking, it is simply because the person has got personality. It is the way a person carries himself, walks and talks. Look out for these types of models.


Is the model capable to get a message through? Is she shy? Does she respond to your directions? Is there are a problem with the language you both speak? All of these and other communication issues would definitely slow down your photo shoot.


A person that is charismatic and energetic is better than a person who is moody and with pessimistic tendencies. Needless to say, the chances are that you get more productive work from the former.


What is the use in having the best model but yet not accessible? A model that is readily available on short notice and makes her outmost to fit in your schedule will make your work much easier.


Time is money. You merely cannot tolerate late comers. Unfortunately, some models cannot help themselves from arriving late for most appointments. This is crucial, particularly, if you are renting a studio, paying makeup artists and hair stylists.


It is a know fact. Some persons have positive attitudes, others have negative attitudes. Attitude is the way a model responds to show its dislike or like. Attitudes are not easy to change and it is not your job. Simply try pointing out models with the right attitude.

Personal Hygiene

I have been faced up with models having broken nails, straw-like hair or horrible makeup. Not to mention cleanliness and odours. A true model does not simply wake up in the morning and decides to be a model. It takes discipline, determination and work. Some are natural born models; others take time to be moulded into models.

Next time you book your model, choose your model wisely. There is more than meets the eye. Apart the obvious merits such as looks and size, one has to consider other factors that are as much as important. This way you would be avoiding engaging models that are below your expectations.

Source by Michael Abela