Give Your Valentine the Everlasting Gift of Portrait Photography

With Valentine's Day quickly approaching, the pressure is on to find the perfect gift for your sweetheart. Sure, you could go the traditional route of flowers, cards, and candy, but those things have all been done time and time again. Why not give a gift that is really reflective of your relationship, and will last a lifetime? If you're looking for a gift that is both unique and romantic, you can not go wrong with a visit to your local portrait studio. Whether you are fun and flirty, or serious and stoic, a custom portrait package from your neighborhood photographer is just what you need to win the affections of your loved one.

Why Portrait Photography?

* It's long-lying. Flowers will always wilt, and chocolate only sees to linger where it is not wanted (namely, on the hips). Portrait photography, on the other hand, will give you a number of keepsakes that will last as testaments to your love for years to come.

* It's personal. Even when taken by the same photographer, no two portraits are exactly the same. A well-trained portrait photographer knows how to best work with his or her subjects so that the portraits not only capture a special moment, but also reflect the emotions and personalities of the people in them.

* It's two gifts in one. In addition to the sentimental keepsake your finished portraits will provide, you are giving your Valentine the gift of your quality time and attention. Taking the time out of your busy schedule to spend the day at the photography studio is a great way to reconnect with your loved one and show them how much you care.

Engagement Photography

Have you recently made the decision to tie the knot? What better way to announce your imposing nuptials than sharing engagement photos with your friends and family? With the combination of your fondness for one another and excitement for your future, and the perceptive eye of a professional photographer, you can not lose! Whatever you want your engagement pictures to be quirky and cool with a modern theme, traditional and sophisticated, or something in, the consultants at your local photography studio can help you to develop engagement photo ideas that will capture the love between you and your betrothed , Resulting in portraits you will cherish long after your wedding day has passed.

Whether you've recently found yourself in the throes of a new romance, or yours is a love story that has spanned decades, consider giving the gift of professional portrait photography this Valentine's Day.

Source by Penny Q Jones