Freelance Photography – Making Your Hobby Pay

Freelance photography is an exciting way to make a living. Are you passionate about photography? Do you take your camera everywhere you go and never miss an opportunity to take a picture? Are you proud of your photographs?

If the answer is yes, and you possess some skill at camera work, then you probably have what it takes to do well in freelance photography.

Many people successfully turn their hobby into a thriving full-time business, or simply make a lot of extra cash doing something they would be doing anyway!

Photography is a good example of this, and if it is your hobby and passion, then there are numerous opportunities out there for you to pursue. If you have the motivation, this is an area that has plenty of room for new talent.

From the very start of photography, people have always loved pictures, and almost any occasion has been an opportunity for a photographer to earn some extra money.

These days, cameras are so user-friendly, you do not even have to be an expert, just able to read and follow directions. Of course, having some basic knowledge about composition, depth of field, aperture settings and shutter speeds etc, is always going to give you the edge over someone using a "point-and-shoot" camera. But this information is easily gained, and once learnt can be practiced without cost, thanks to the digital revolution.

But running a successful photography business is not just about taking pictures. You will also have to have other skills such as marketing, promotion, advertising, accountancy and possibly web design! Again, these are all things that can be easily learnt at evening classes. Or maybe you have a friend or family member who could take on these jobs, while you concentrate on taking stunning photographs.

Established photographers in your area could have expensive studios and staff to finance. Chances are, you already own most of the equipment needed to start, and by keeping your overheads low, you can pass those savings on and still produce the quality images your customers will love.

Whether it's weddings, portraits, stock shots, greeting cards, newspapers, magazines or some other form of photography, the opportunities are endless for the person willing to have a go. You may even find a certain type of photography that you enjoy best, and stick to it almost exclusively.

Photography is here to stay, and the demand is growing – even during these tougher financial times.

Source by Steve L Thompson