Forensic Photography – The Unusual Needs of Criminal Researchers

You see them on television shows like CSI crawling through a crime scene taking photograph after photograph. They document the crime scene from every angle. The needs for forensic photography mimic other types of photography, but require a few added twists. Smart forensic photographers commonly use one accessory you may wish to add to your camera, the camera body harness.

The Interesting Field of Forensic Photography

Stop and think about what a crime scene photographer needs to do. He must be able to take photos in extreme close-up detail to capture the tiniest details. He needs to capture wide area photos to capture an overall view of the crime scene.

Imagine the other problems they can run into. A forensic photographer may need to climb a ladder to get pictures of evidence at a higher level. He may need to crawl into a crawl space under a home or duck into the dog house to take a shot of some hidden clues.

What happens to his camera as he crawls and climbs? On a neck strap he may end up with his camera bouncing off the ground or breaking into the ladder. His camera is not a cheap little digital camera from a discount store. Crime scene photographers use high end cameras and the wise ones protect their cameras with camera harnesses. They know a camera harness will keep the camera ready for action but out of the way while they move around the scene.

Crimes Scenes Can Be Anywhere

The other challenge is all of the diverse locations crimes happen. Crime scenes can be in underground storm sewer systems. A crime scene could be in the middle of a swamp where the evidence is in wathy surroundings. By using a camera body harness the forensic experts can avoid worrying about their camera as they bend over the water, or work their way way through the storm sewer. Their hands are free to lay down the marks and notes that they want highlighted in the crime photos. The job is intense and demanding enough without worrying about a camera swinging wildly on a neck strap.

Photography is really interesting as well as challenging. It can also bring out the creativity in you as well. It is a good hobby and capturing moments is an experience that is satisfying as well as rewarding. It is how you capture the moment in photograph that makes it even more challenging and exciting.

Source by Kay Marie