Felony Friendly Jobs – 5 Tips You Need To Know When Searching for Felony Friendly Jobs

Are you looking for felony friendly jobs? Not a lot of them are easily available but there are some felony friendly jobs you can take advantage of if you know where to look. This article will give you some useful tips about felony friendly jobs.

Felony Friendly Jobs: Job Readiness

Before you even apply for jobs for felons that you find, you need to get ready to compete with other job applicants. Just because a job is potentially open to ex-felons doesn’t mean that you won’t need to be compete.

Is there anything you can do about your record? Have you talked to your lawyer about getting your felony expunged from your record? This can help you find companies that hire felons.

If expungement is not possible, then find out what will turn up in a background check. This is what you will have to explain to employers during job interviews when you apply for jobs for ex felons.

– explain what happened

– express some regret but keep it brief

– try to emphasize that you have moved on and that you are a different person now

– give concrete examples of how you have turned your life around since then

You will find that interviewers for felon friendly jobs want to be shown how your skills and experience will be an asset to the company or organization. Do your best to highlight your strengths and provide evidence that you are a good match for the position.

Jobs for Felons: Where to Find Them

So where can you find some good jobs for felons? Well, this might surprise you but there are actually a lot of jobs for felons available everywhere.

Here are some specific examples of jobs for felons:

Truck driving and other forms of commercial driving – these are some of the most common felon friendly jobs that are in high demand and pay well. You do need to get a license as a commercial driver though.

Pizza delivery – this is another example of popular felony friendly jobs. You will get most of your income from tips and if you can move around fast in a good town then you can make a good living out of this.

Movers/moving companies – if you don’t mind lifting heavy stuff then you can apply to the smaller moving companies. They might have a few felony friendly jobs.

Military jobs – alright so this isn’t everybody’s cup of tea but the US Military does have a lot of felony friendly jobs.

Freelance work – these types of jobs for ex felons involve getting a lot of different clients and working on specific tasks or projects. Examples are freelance writing, photography, graphic design, computer programming, web design, etc.

One of the best things you can do to improve your chances of getting hired is to network. Call up the people you know and ask them for help finding jobs for convicted felons. Getting referrals, recommendations and advice can boost your chances of getting a job. Even if your friends and family don’t know of any jobs for felons, they may be able to act as a character reference which can improve your chances of getting hired. Especially given that you have a felony on your record, having at least 3 good character references is a must.

These are just some of the felony friendly jobs that you can do. There are many other felony friendly jobs that have not been listed in this article. Keep your ears open, get the help of family and friends, and apply to as many job opportunities as you can. Don’t give up because there are loads of good felony friendly jobs just waiting for the right person to apply.

Source by Michael J. Martin