Facebook is a Key Photography Marketing Tool

The ease and reliably low cost of digital cameras have encouraged many people to start photography businesses. This has created a competitive environment. In order to maintain or increase the clients, a photographer needs to market effectively. One of the best places for a photographer to market his business is on Facebook.

Facebook allows potential clients to experience a photographer's work from a source that they trust. Unlike many industries in which the web simply allows a business to describe its product, Facebook allows a person to experience a photographer's product. He can actually see and appreciate the photograph. This is unlike a car company in which he can not get in the car and test drive it over the web (at least not yet). Thus, if a photographer has a quality product that moves people Facebook will allow others to experience that product.

Facebook also allows the flow of the experience come from a trusted source. The person will see images posted on their friend's wall. Often the images will be of their friend or other people they know. Contrast this with traditional print mailings. With the traditional mailing the recipient has no idea who the person in the photographs and they know the message is sent without any recommendation from an unknown company. A Facebook posting on the other hand has the authorization approval of their friend.

Another advantage of marketing on Facebook by posting client's images so his friends can see the images is that this type of marketing is free. While Facebook does have a paid advertising structure and many photographers have found this to be useful, the best way for photography marketing is also the free way. Just ask clients to become your friends and post pictures. Wait for your client's friends to approach you and request to be friends. Do not go around asking to be everyone's friend or people will consider you to be a "stalker." If you are seen as a stalker you will be shunned from the Facebook community and your marketing will fail.

The photography industry is competitive and requires extensive marketing. Facebook is one of the most effective ways a photography business can market.

Source by Vanessa Honda