Facebook changes mission statement to “bring the world closer together”

“Making the world more open and connected” had one fundamental flaw: it didn’t push for any specific positive outcome from more connection. Technically, it could encompass digital voyeurism via the News Feed, trading in-person friendship for online acquaintanceship, or the filter bubbles and echospheres that have further polarized the United States.

So today, as Facebook approaches 2 billion monthly users, its CEO Mark Zuckerberg and CPO Chris Cox revealed a new mission statement, to “Give people the power to build community and bring the world closer together.”

Zuckerberg announced the change today at the Facebook Communities Summit for Group admins, explaining that “For the last decade or so we’ve been focusing on making the world more open and connected. But i used to think that if we just give people a voice and help some people connect that that would make the world a whole lot better by itself. But look around and our society is still so divided. We have a resposnbilty to do more, not just to connect th eworld but to bring the world closer together.


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