Dream Interpretation – Taking a Picture in Dreams

Your dreams are as important as your daily life because they give you precious information about everything. Dreams help you avoid all dangers. They basically help you completely eliminate your dangerous wild nature, so that you may become a wise and sensitive human being. This is how you’ll acquire sound mental health that lasts forever. This is also how you’ll be able to find peace, love, and happiness in life.

For example, I will show you three sentences of one of my patients’ dream without mentioning anything about his life biography because I cannot expose my patients or publish their entire dreams.

You will notice that the dreamer describes the people who appear in the dream so that I may understand what they represent for him.

‘I was busy always looking at a calendar. Someone told me that Prince Albert was ready to take a picture with me. But I kept looking at the calendar and I seemed to be busy.’

Dream Translation:

‘I was busy always looking at a calendar.’

You represent your ego in dreams.

A calendar counts the days of the year.

Your ego was busy always looking at a calendar because you are busy waiting for an important event in your life. You cannot think about anything else.

Your mind is always busy with this matter, and you are always anxious because you want to know when everything will finally happen.

‘Someone told me that Prince Albert was ready to take a picture with me.’

(People: Prince Albert is the prince of Monaco. His wife is from South Africa. They got married last year. She almost called the wedding off because she found out that he had fathered two illegitimate children from two separate women.)

When you take a picture in dreams this means that you mark a period of time of your life that will never come back.

Prince Albert is a part of your personality that makes you be too proud of yourself because he is a prince. He also represents a false part of your personality because he hides the truth.

Prince Albert was ready to take a picture with you because this part of your personality (that hides the truth) is ready to abandon your personality now that you have passed through dream therapy. Now you know that you must always be sincere with your partner, and always loyal.

Therefore, this part of your personality doesn’t characterize your behavior anymore. The prince was trying to take a picture of the time you were still together because soon this insincere part of your personality will disappear.

‘But I kept looking at the calendar and I seemed to be busy.’

However, your ego is busy waiting for the important event in your life and you cannot pay attention to anything else.

This means that you are not paying attention to the importance of your psychotherapy. Your psychological and spiritual transformation is changing your mind, your behavior, and your life.

You are not the superficial, selfish, false, and ignorant person you used to be before the dream therapy. Now you are a superior person. You have transformed your personality and you can control your behavior.

The unconscious mind is showing you that you have to pay attention to your transformation into a wise human being.

Instead of caring so much about when the event you are waiting for will finally happen, you should care about your psychological and spiritual transformation. Everything depends on this transformation.

Only when you will be perfect enough, will the event finally happen. Nothing will happen if you won’t be able to show wise behavior in this situation. There is a relationship of dependence between your behavior and what happens to you in your daily life.

This means that you should stop becoming angry when the unconscious mind sends you dreams about the absurd parts of your personality, warnings similar to the warnings you already had, etc. You have to pay attention to your mistakes, so that you may finally stop making the same mistakes, and then, finally see the event you are waiting for happening in your life.

The unconscious mind is showing you in this dream that you don’t understand that the essential is your preparation, and not when the event will finally happen.

Stop being so impatient. You have to correct all mistakes if you want to get there the fastest possible.

The event you are waiting for will happen only when you’ll be ready. You have to be able to show wise behavior in this situation, so that you may have the positive results you desire.

The divine wisdom is clearly visible in these sentences. You can see how the unconscious mind helps the dreamer understand his mistakes and learn how to show wise behavior.

The meaning of a dream is very important and enlightening. You should care about mastering the dream language. Carl Jung’s discoveries and my discoveries after continuing his research mark the beginning of a new historical time.

The divine unconscious wisdom will transform our world into a place where everyone will have the chance to attain total consciousness and spiritual perfection. You should be one of the first ones to take advantage of our discoveries and find the treasure of sound mental health and wisdom thanks to our map.

Source by Christina Sponias