Digital Photography Tips for Beginners

Just discover the magic of photography? Surely you want to start taking fabulous photos right away. Although this is not possible you can learn some easy things that will help you start taking nice photos in a couple of days.

First of all you should become familiar with your camera. Read the manual as many times as needed to get accustomed to it. Moreover the usually contains a lot of useful tips.

Than get accustomed to the digital photography terms. The most important ones are: barrel distortion (causes the edges of an image to look curved, when the position of the camera lens is at its widest angle), shake (caused by movement when taking a photo resulting into a blurred image), digital zoom (simulated zoom), exposure values ​​(also called EV, numbers that refer to various combinations of lens aperture and shutter speed).

The next thing to take into account is light. Light is the most important factor when it comes to photography. You can takes photos in natural or artificial light and the different light can make the same photo look different. There is a lot to learn about light so the easiest way to start is to experiment taking photos of various objects in various light conditions.

Despite the sophisticated digital photography tips, there are some simple but often neglected things you should learn and master.

Avoid noise in your photos by being careful with the ISO settings. The higher the ISO the less light is needed for the exposure. Noise will reduce the quality of your photos by making them less clear and sharp.

Do not shake camera while taking a photo. Well, sometimes it is hard to say that you are moving the camera and still your photos are a bit blurry. This is caused by the hand movement that you can not even recognize. You can take a tripod or use another camera support. Be very careful when taking night photos or any photos under low light as the movement of the camera can do more damage in these situations.

Use to use the shutter button correctly. It is amazing how the simplest thing can go so wrong simply because you can not use the shutter button the way you should. Most of the digital cameras have two level shutter button. You should press it to the middle to focus and than press again to take the photo. Master this by practice and you will quickly see the difference.

Source by Keith Londrie