Christopher Burkett Biography

In 1975, Christopher Burkett became interested in photography when he entered an Orthodox Christian religious order in which he served as a brother for seven years. He first got interested in using the craft to express the beauty, grace and light which he saw present in the world of nature. It was also his way of expressing himself spiritually.

After four years, he left the Order and decided to dedicate more of his time and resources on perfecting his craft. He left the Order to devote himself in sharing the light he could see in the world with others. It was also during this time he married his wife, Ruth. He learned the offset printing process and ran four color printing presses and laser scanners to produce detailed color separation. His experience in printing industry helped him develop his fine discernment of color and also gives him a very deep understanding of the principles of reproduction of colors and tones.

Today, Burkett and his wife Ruth travel extensively throughout United States and taking different photographs of nature. He strives to share with his audience the paradise he glimpses. His very masterful hand printing and numerous exhibitions made him a very famous photographer known internationally. His photographs are featured in numerous public and private fine art collections. He continues to inspire and reaffirming to many the divinity inherent in the world of nature.

Christopher Burkett’s most famous work is the book entitled Intimations of Paradise, which features a monograph of his popular photographs. This is a collection of some of Burkett’s most popular landscape and subject photographs which presents exciting and awe-inspiring landscapes. This book was awarded as the Book of the Year under the Art and Photography category by the North American Bookdealers. Burkett also received an award from Hasselblad for his work in the same book.

Burkett is now widely regarded as best color photographer in the world. He is best known for his landscape photography made in large formats. He has been credited for raising awareness on the beauty of the American landscape, capturing them in its best and printing them in most vivid print quality. He is also regarded as an authority in Cibachrome or Ilfochrome printing. He is an expert in sophisticated and unique masking techniques which he had mastered in the past two decades. Above all, he is known for individually hand printing all of his prints.

Source by Daryl T Mac