Cheap Digital Cameras – Affordable Hi-Tech Photography

Generally digital cameras are pricey, but there are decent cheap digital cameras. It just takes a little persistence finding them. Most models priced under about $75 are mere novelties and not really very usable. But from about $80 to $125 there’s quite a selection of reliable cameras with a fair range of features.

The Ultimate Cheap – Disposable

One time use cameras start around $10. Unlike their film counterparts, these cameras are not throw-away. After taking about 25 photos you return it to the retailer who prints the pictures and a photo CD. The camera is then “refurbished” to be used again. Usually if you take a bad shot you can delete it, ensuring you get a couple dozen photos you really want.

Super Cheap Brands

Even though digital camera prices start as cheap as $20, image and camera quality are marginal at best. Companies like DXG, Concord, Mustek and Oregon Scientific offer several digital camera models in the $40 to $90 range. But be aware that some of these cameras have received absolutely terrible ratings. That doesn’t mean they’re all bad – and these companies offer better, higher priced cameras as well. Compare carefully before buying.

Inexpensive Rather Than Cheap

Some good digital camera values appear as prices approach $100. For best performance a camera should have at least 3.0 megapixels, optical zoom, basic scene modes and similar features. Entry level digital cameras like this from Canon, Fujifilm, Kodak, Olympus and other manufacturers are available from around $90 to less than $150. One way to save money and get a feature-rich quality camera is to look for factory refurbished digital cameras. These cameras are often priced 40% to 50% below regular prices.

Source by W R Kirk