Case Study – Professional Photographer Using a Digital Picture Frame

Digital Picture Frames have only been around for a few short years, yet it does not take long for innovative entrepreneurs to take advantage of new technology. One of the most interesting parts of my job is seeing how our business clients come up with such creative ways to use digital picture frames to boost profits.

One of our clients is a successful wedding photographer, and he recently shared with me how he is using his Digital Spectrum MV1700 17 "digital picture frame.

Any business owner can tell you it is a challenge to get new customers, especially as you're starting out. Advertising is expensive, and not always effective. As a wedding photographer, you do not often get repeat customers – most people only get married once!

Our client knew all of this, but he also knew that word of mouth is one of the most powerful marketing tactics available. One day he had the idea of ​​using a digital picture frame to help him create "buzz" about his work.

Here's how it works. The day of the photo shoot, most couples take photos before the reception. Usually there is at least a little bit of time between the two. It is during this time that our client quickly downloads around 40 of the top photos of the day onto a laptop, where he does some very quick editing. He then uploads those photos to a memory card, which can easily be inserted into the digital picture frame.

Later on, at the reception, our client sets up the digital photo frame near the bar, and leaves a neat little stack of business cards beside it. Through the evening, as guests go to the bar for a drink, they see the top 40 photos of the happy couple's wedding pictures.

There are a few reasons why this strategy works so well. For starters, most people (including the bride and groom) do not often get to see the wedding pictures until weeks later, if at all! For them to be able to see them the day of the wedding, when they are most relevant, is quite a treat. In most cases, the guests are not invited to the photo shoot, so this is their only chance to see what went on during that time. These factors often contribute to people going to get a drink, then coming back with some friends to view the slide show!

At most weddings, there are people in attendance that will soon be getting married themselves, or know someone else who will be. These people are always going to have an eye open for things that they really liked about other weddings they go to beforehand. Making an impression at one wedding can lead to business at another! Make sure those business cards do not run out!

The great thing about the Digital Spectrum MV1700 17 "digital picture frame is that it's sheer size draws people to it automatically. on using this technique, your aim is to impress. Do not try to get away with using a little 7 "frame for this job!

Smart entrepreneurs learn from what is working in other industries, and do not rest until they find a way to apply it to their. This is a tried and true way to gain a competitive advantage over your marketplace.

Now that I've shown you something that works in the wedding photography industry, stop for a moment, and take a second to think of one way you could use a digital picture frame in your business. It just might be easier to implement than you thought!

Source by Jeffrey Oliver