Boudoir Photography For Mature Women

Arranging a boudoir photo shoot is something which is becoming increasingly popular with women of all ages, not just young girls with perfect figures but, increasingly, by older women in their thirties, forties and even fifties. The reasons for boudoir’s growing popularity amongst older women are wide and varied but, generally, women are becoming much less self-conscious about their bodies than used to be the case. TV programs such as How to Look Good Naked have done much to promote this view by demonstrating that, with a little help, anyone can look great regardless of their shape or age.

What Motivates a Woman to have a Boudoir Photo-Shoot?

Every woman will have her own reasons but the main motivations usually come under the following headings:

Life Changes

Marriage – many women booking a boudoir photo-shoot are doing so as a gift for their future husband. Although mainly young brides there are a growing number of older women, perhaps marrying the second time around, who are arranging a bridal boudoir shoot as a gift idea for their new husband.

Pregnancy – maternity boudoir is another growing trend and this is particularly popular with women in their thirties who are starting a family later in life and, maybe, are at an advantage financially over younger women who may be restricted in terms of budget?

Divorce – getting divorced can be a stressful and depressing experience for obvious reasons. But some women are taking the opportunity to start anew – and what better way than a confidence boosting and empowering set of images to remind them that they still have a lot to be positive about?


Reaching a certain age is a milestone in anyone’s life and a boudoir shoot is particularly popular with women who have just turned 40 and 50. What used to be considered middle-age is now being seen as a new beginning and some women do really come ‘into-their-own’ at this time of life.

Body Changes

A recent weight loss is often a big reason to celebrate and a set of images showing you in a way you might never have thought possible is a great way of recording a dieting success – not to mention a fantastic motivation to stay that way!

The growing popularity of cosmetic surgery is also another motivating factor – particularly for those who have had a little enhancement up-top.

What about nerves and lack of confidence?

Thinking about a boudoir shoot is one thing; actually going ahead with it can be another matter? Some women will naturally be apprehensive when it comes to posing for a professional photographer although there really is no need. The benefit of boudoir style photography is that it is up to you what is shown and what is not – start at your own comfort level and see how it goes: a good photographer will soon put you at ease and you’ll be surprised how much fun it can be!

Pick the Right Photographer and the Rest is Easy

Choosing the photographer is something you don’t want to rush – look through examples of their work and see which have images you like. Each photographer will have his or her own style and you’ll soon see which work best with women in your age group. Some women will prefer a female photographer while others might prefer a male view on what looks attractive – it really is up to you?

Above all, enjoy the experience, take your time and have fun – it should, after all, be an experience you never forget.

Source by Helen X Davies