Boudoir Photography Basics

We've discussed many times what boudoir photography is all about, but just how do I, as a photographer get the images that impress the clients. I feel that the most important element is the comfort of the client. Anyone can take a shot of a woman standing there in lingerie or sitting on a sofa wearing lingerie, but I've seen a lot of shots where she looked completely out of her comfort zone, so in my opinion, it made the shots fall flat .

Another very important factor is makeup. I always highly recommend that my boudoir and glamour nude clients have their makeup professionally done. The makeup artists my studio uses are skilled in applying makeup specifically for our style of photoshoots. Makeup for photography is quite different than "everyday" makeup. But that's a topic for another blog. Suffice it to say that how your makeup looks make or break the photoshoot.

This brings me to the next most important part of the boudoir shoot. Sets. A beautiful set helps my clients to relax because the minute they see how the set pops up on the screen, and how gorgeous they look at it, it puts them at ease. We have thought about it at length and have purchased several different bedding sets as well as curtains, lamps, and screens to be able to build a set at a moment's notice that will work with the clients attire. We also have accessories to add to those sets which come up beautifully in the shots and lend a "playboy" atmosphere to the photographs. We feel so consistently about the importance of the environment for a successful boudoir or glamor nude image, that we have built an entire room devoted to just that.

One of our commercial clients has even given us several varieties of new lingerie so that if something a client brings for their shoot just does not give them the look they want, they are not stuck without any other alternatives. In later articles we'll discuss lighting, camera angles and other elements of a successful boudoir or glamour nude shoot.

Source by Mark Anderson